Liz Brewer’s Media Blog: Premier Radio’s ‘Inspirational Breakfast’ programme between 8 & 8.30am today, 9th Jan

Discussing with presenters John Pantry & Rosie Wright how Prince Harry’s fiancé, Meghan Markle’s life will change when she marries into the Royal Family, Britain’s oldest and most traditional family.

Today, 9th January she will be joining Prince Harry on a Royal visit to Brixton’s REPREZENT Studios of Radio Station 107.3 FM    Can be heard here:



Liz Brewer’s Media BLOG:BBC Radio Cumbria

8.23am approx tomorrow, Tuesday 19th December, Mike Zeller’s morning show on BBC Radio Cumbria,  discussing  the never ending question of Office party etiquette… Is there some magic way to let your hair down and not make a complete fool of yourself?  Or have a job to go to the following day??    It really isn’t rocket science!

Liz radio interview.jpg


Liz Brewer’s BLOG: SKY NEWS 9.30am 21st November

Off to do SKY NEWS to discuss with Jonathan Samuels,  whether Text Speak helps or harms the English language!   It appears academics insist it does not.   They believe emojis, exclamation marks, irregular spellings and abbreviations in text messages are not sloppy or a sign of a decline in written English, according to THE TIMES 

With this type of topic, when in doubt I generally ask my friend Gorill!