liz Brewer’s media Blog:BBC Radio Stations between 7 – 9am, 6th September.

As a follow-up to my behaviour Quiz in today’s Daily Mirror, tomorrow,Sept.6th 7am-9am, I’ll be doing, what I’m hoping will be a light-hearted couple of hours back to back Radio Programmes on modern day manners & social behaviour

Liz Brewer’s media BLOG: ITV ‘This Morning’ Friday 17th May

Debating with Eamon Holmes & Ruth on Today’s ITV’S ‘THIS MORNING’10.30am approx on whether bosses should dictate dress codes in the work place.
All due to BA warning its female cabin crew about wearing the wrong bras!P1080152.jpegCATCH ME IF YOU CAN.jpeg It appears stewardesses have complained to union officials after being told off if there underwear shows through their white uniform blouses.
Is this sexist? So…. here we go again! Obviously my pics depict a variety of workplaces!!! P1020369.jpg

Liz Brewer’s media BLOG:BBC RADIO WALES

Talking this morning around 10.15am on Dot Davies Programme, re the drinking culture in UK based on Prof Adam Winstock’s survey emphasising that
guidelines need to get real. The difference between getting a ‘little drunk’& overdoing it!
Drinking to excess is bad, but current guidelines fail to accept the pleasure of intoxication and give little guide on the difference between being a little and a lot drunk, & doing it 3-4 times a year versus weekly
LIZ with COCKTAIL FL.jpegCHEERS!.pngLIZ .jpg

Liz Brewer’s Media BLOG: BBC Radio Sussex & BBC Radio Surry

Today at 12.40 approx Advising Allison Fern on her BBC Radio Sussex & BBC Radio Surrey’s coverage tomorrow, 3rd Oct. on the Duke & Duchess of Sussex’s First Royal visit to Sussex. (Chichester, Bognor Regis & Brighton’s Royal Pavilion).   How ‘Prim & Proper’ should Allison be?  Perhaps for starters,  she should perfect the art of closing her Rolls-Royce door??  Hopefully Megan will get to visit those famous Brighton secret tunnels!!

LIZ as portrayed in Ladette to Lady.jpg