Liz Brewer’s Media Blog: BBC Radio Scotland & BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester

Radio Double whammy today, re Technology possibly being the source of bad manners regarding children (adults too??) see this link   e.g. Barking orders at Alexa, Google Assistant or some other virtual personality

BBC RADIO SCOTLAND with Kaye Adams at 11.55pm approx &  Andrew Eastern on BBC HEREFORD & WORCESTER at 16:20

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Liz Brewer’s Media Blog: BBC Radio Cumbria 09.35am Thursday 26th April

BEING PUNCTUAL!  Plus how rude are ‘NO-SHOWS’?  Discussing on Today’s Radio Cumbria, 09.30 with Kevin Fernihough on his breakfast show the problem of  how to combat this lack of curtesy, casual thoughtlessness, and inconsiderate behaviour and commit diners to honour their bookings!  #StopNoShowcampaign See here for what sparked this discussion

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Living Legend Albert Roux whose Michelin-Starred restaurants are now managed by his son Michel.

Liz Brewer’s Media Blog:BBC Radio Kent’s Breakfast show 08.10

Lets get out and celebrate GEORGE’S DAY Monday 23rd April!

Having just done a programme at 08.10 this morning, with  Anna Cookson on BBC Radio Kent’s Breakast Show,  discussing a new survey stating that Brits are increasingly afraid to show their national pride!!!!     PATRIOTISM  should be APPLAUDED so lets get some enthusiasm going and celebrate this coming St George’s Day

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Liz Brewer’s Media BLOG: BBC Radio Derby & BBC Radio Berkshire

Doing a double-whammy this sparkling sunny Spring morning! A jolly session around 10.08am on BBC Radio Berkshire, with Debbie McGee on being served poor food. This topic arose after the HooHa of a customer being served a £9.50 disgraceful looking hamburger at Glasgow Airport! Click here for the story.
Later on Sally Pepper’s Mid-Morning Show, on BBC Radio Derby at 11.15 approx advising Donna Alos on ‘Putting on the Ritz’ at her forth-coming tea there! (For those who’d like to listen go to  (For those who’d like to listen tap here

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