Liz Brewer’s MEDIA BLOG: SKY NEWS today.


Back today on SKY NEWS, around 1.30pm to discuss holiday-makers dashing at dawn for sunbeds!   Some sensible company’s now offering a pre-booking facility!     £25 for the holiday sounds reasonable. My opposer will no doubt preach it’s yet another mercenary money spinner.   However most decent Beach clubs’ charge anything from €10 a day so I’d reckon its cheap at the price.     Will sadly delete the visual sport of watching all those eager sunworshippers scampering like piglets to throw their towels!!!

Not a soul in site. Photo taken some time ago at Niki Beach Club,  Ibiza pre one of Terence & Niki Coles’ party!

Liz Brewer’s Media Blog: Premier Radio’s ‘Inspirational Breakfast’ programme between 8 & 8.30am today, 9th Jan

Discussing with presenters John Pantry & Rosie Wright how Prince Harry’s fiancé, Meghan Markle’s life will change when she marries into the Royal Family, Britain’s oldest and most traditional family.

Today, 9th January she will be joining Prince Harry on a Royal visit to Brixton’s REPREZENT Studios of Radio Station 107.3 FM    Can be heard here: