Liz Brewer’s Media Blog:BBC Radio Kent

At 9.20am this morning 15th Sept, being quizzed by Lembit Opik on the breaking story that the Head of a Grammar School in Kent, Mrs Simpson has introduced a policy of pupils shaking hands with the teacher on arrival.   Frankly a true Brit handshake is far better intro than ‘the not so air’ kiss!   An enjoyable and lively discussion…. as always!!  To hear the programme click here

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5 thoughts on “Liz Brewer’s Media Blog:BBC Radio Kent

  1. I was brought up not to kiss anyone on the mouth expect my partner or share cups or cultery, but I find I’m the only one out my friends that do this I question whether I’m wrong . I don’t usually hug kiss anyone on the cheek unless I know them very well or are my family . I usually just wave or high high a child or person .


  2. Thank you for your reply I have tried but can’t delete it’s saying on the internet that the owners of the blogs can deleted the comments themselves and are the only ones that can, do you know how I can’t delete a comment as wasn’t meant to put on here .

    Thank you


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