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Farewell Barcelona – Good Morning TALK RADIO at

11.45am this morning with Mike Parry and Mike Graham…. on ‘The Two Mikes’ show discussing the perfect dinner party which apparently should have 4 or multiples of 4 guests !    Who on earth thinks up these ridiculous facts? … !P1020320.jpg

Liz Brewer’s DIARY: SKY NEWS

After the various revelations in today’s papers, of guests smuggling drink into wedding receptions, I’ll be discussing this with Kay Burley around 15.45pm today on SKY NEWS.    I still remember the unforgettable, late Viscountess (Bubbles) Rothermere, doing the nightly circuit of parties in her inimitable style, swinging her plastic bag containing her own stock of champagne!

The Late Lady Rothermere, known as Bubbles with Liz Brewer & Ram Nandikashor