An interesting morning today, at 09.00am approx , when I will discuss with Nicky Campbell and Clare McDonnell, on BBC Radio 5 Live, the fact that MP’s in the House of Commons no longer have to wear ties in the Chamber…   Is the dress code ‘dumbing down’?   Hmm……! I wonder will they will be allowing flip flops and T-shirts next??

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Liz Brewer’s DIARY: BBC Radio with Malcolm Boyden

I always enjoy discussions with Malcolm Boyden and tomorrow’s programme at 11.30am  will be no exception.    ‘Eating in public places’ and Florence hosing down the steps of Renaissance beauty spots to deter picnicking tourists.  A new initiative set up by Prince Ottaviano de’Medici di Toscana, representative of the Historic House of the Medici,  aims to reclaim the city, saving it from the ruins of mass tourism which has already reached 16 million tourists per annum!   Sadly Vandals have destroyed historic monuments, and an influx of fast-food outlets now line the major thoroughfares and binge-drinking tourists have been seen urinating in the streets and sleeping rough!

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