Liz Brewer’s DIARY: BBC Radio Tees

Discussing between 9.50am & 10am this morning with BBC Radio Tees, John Foster,   Vince Miller, Steward at Manchester United being  ‘axed’  for supposedly calling a female colleague ‘Love’ ….. if correct, has Political Correctness going too far?

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Liz Brewer’s DIARY: SKY NEWS 2.30pm today re: Ascot Royal Enclosure 2017, welcoming women in Jumpsuits.

Still on my mountain top, in Verbier, however couldn’t resist accepting SKY TV’s invitation to do a SKYPE interview tojoin their discussion today at 2.30pm, as I am amazed to learn  the Royal Enclosure Dress Code have introduced ‘jumpsuits’ as acceptable for women!   Next Men in onesie morning suits….. I wonder??

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Liz Brewer’s DIARY: Early morning BBC Radio interviews today re Eating during theatre performances….!

BBC Breakfast, Radio Surrey 7.20am Liz Brewer discusses with presenters James Cannon & Suzanne Bamborough  7.20am re: Eating during theatre performance

 The Harold Pinter Theatre sent out the request to those who had bought tickets to Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

“Out of consideration for the actors and fellow audience members, we ask that no food be consumed during the performance.”

“You may purchase food at the theatre bars to enjoy before the show, or during the interval.

“Drinks purchased at the bar areas may only be taken inside the auditorium in plastic containers provided by the venue staff.”

It is thought to be the first West End show to make such a request.


It follows calls from one of the show’s stars, Imelda Staunton, for food consumption to be banned in theatres.

Liz Brewer

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