Looking forward to my discussion with Kevin Fernihough next week on BBC RADIO CUMBRIA, on why more people don’t greet or even acknowledge each other walking in the country. This has arisen from a £35,000 bizarre campaign to teach ramblers & dog-walkers on the South Downs to greet one another!     Comments in private or public please…… Personally, I’d be far more embarrassed trying to ignore passers-by!

See: Patrick Barkham, in the GuardianWhat do you say when you pass someone sauntering along a country path? A hearty hello? Acknowledgement, muttered and grudging? If you reside in Sussex, you’ll be cheerily hailing fellow walkers, runners and cyclists – the fruit of a £35,000 campaign by the South Downs national park authority.”

See the Telegraphs comment: here & Daily Mail: hereBBC Cumbria.jpg



Liz’s DIARY: Today I will proudly join in the 400th anniversary celebrations of William Shakespeare’s death

Today I will be joining in the significant celebrations of the 400th anniversary of the bard’s death.   See this link for various ways to celebrate: Celebrating today in UK

So proud to have known Sam Wanamaker who founded the Shakespeare Globe Trust to rebuild the Globe Theatre in London and who I originally met through my Sister and Brother in Law, Victoria & Ian Watson in San Francisco in the early 90’s.

I have since been associated with Shakespeare’s Globe, which opened in 1997,  and have had the privilege of sitting on the original Development Council with some of the most inspirational, delightul and charming fellow members.     I now continue to be on the Globe Council.


Liz Brewer will be doing Shakespeare’s Globe’s newly created COMPLETE WALK 



Shakespeare’s Globe, overlooking the Thames at Bankside


Join me on THE COMPLETE WALK a 2.5 mile route from Westminster Bridge to Tower Bridge, along the River Thames – A free interactive celebration of Shakespeare’s plays showing 37 short films of Shakespeare’s plays along the route.

See the MAP

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 10.20.19.png

Sam Yates Theatre Director Globe (1).jpg
Sam Yates, Theatre Producer at Shakespeare’s Globe, being interviewed outside the Globe this morning by BBC Breakfast TV

See this link:  400-year legacy 

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Liz’s DIARY:Yuliya Shakina’s article for RUSSIA’S TOP CROP MAGAZINE


YULIYA SHAKINA’s recent article on TOP CROP MAGAZINE surprised me with Photos and TV clips even I was not aware of or had seen.    Very thorough and well written.

Yuliya attended one of my classes in Moscow a few years ago on ‘Classic British & Contemporary Etiquette including the Art of Hospitality’ which took place at the famous Turandot Palace in Moscow


On Virgin Atlantic’s inaugural flight to San Francisco
Hurlingham Club London luncheon honoring Jeannette Norell