Liz’s DIARY: ROSIE WRIGHT Breakfast programme on Christian Radio

Wednesday 9th March 8.00am INTERVIEW: with ROSIE WRIGHT talking Etiquette on her INSPIRATIONAL BREAKFAST PROGRAMME. 

“Wednesday 9th March: How to navigate etiquette in the digital world? We will be hearing from LIZ BREWER, UK’s Etiquette expert, Judge & teacher of social behaviour & etiquette on 6 series of ITV’s “Ladette to Lady”.   Liz will discuss the rules regarding modern manners online and off-line.”

Including filming Liz’s  5 Golden Rules of Digital communication.John-and-Rosie-Header_article_image.png

Liz’s DIARY: Basia Hamilton

The Ambassador of the Republic of Poland Mr Witold Sobkow’s ceremony presenting Mrs Barbara Kaczmarowska-Hamilton with the “Bene Merito” hon Distinction at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland, London


Liz Brewer, Lady Colin Campbell & Dima Campbell
Liz Brewer with Author Ian Wisniewski
Mark Etherington & Liz Brewer


Liz’s DIARY:Ian Wisniewski

Spending an evening with dashing, Polish Author, Ian Wisniewski, never fails to be an adventure!  As one of the countries foremost spirit experts. (his books include: Classic Malt Whisky, Vodka, Classic Tequila,  Malt Whisky and Party Cocktails) ….Cocktails always feature.  Ian, however,  DOESN’T DRINK!

We commenced celebrating ‘International Women’s Day’  at a Vodka & Cointreau Cocktail party  in St James, joining STURIA‘s Caroline Bouvier  in tasting her collection of Caviar from Aquitaine including Classic, Primeur & Vintage Caviar

UNIT LONDON were exhibiting some of their international, cutting-edge contemporary art featuring artists such as Marco Grassi, Mark Demsteader, Cecile Plaisance and David Kassan.    We particularly admired  two works of Mark Demsteader .


Author Ian Wisnieski & Liz Brewer

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 21.49.52.jpgP1270056.jpgP1270063.jpg







“I am not a feminist, however,  I appreciate men and women are wired differently, both biologically and mentally.    Working in today’s world and having been fortunate enought to work with some significant women and men, I find women as a whole, don’t simply have to do the best they can but need to go that one step  further – always have and possibly always will in my lifetime.   Sad? No, after all, we are women and generally capable of multitasking, acting positively despite obstacles and able to think outside the box. Using our energy and strength to inspire and enthuse others.” Liz Brewer

P1080422 (1).jpg

Liz’s DIARY:La Brasserie hosts B’day lunch for Chris Weber

Birthday celebration for Chris Weber founder of Sky Net Worldwide Express at LA BRASSERIE one of Chelsea’s most charming restaurants with an authentic french brasserie menu.  Since the 1950s, consistently full, day and evening.  Infectious and bubbling atmosphere overseen by the charismatic owner Peter Godwin.


Peter Godwin with Liz Brewer & Chris Weber
La Brasserie Brompton Rd Chelsea 
Martin Brewer, Karen Phillipps & Chris Weber 

Liz’s DIARY: BBC RADIO ULSTER-Stephen Nolan Show

A boisterous 30 mins this morning again, with Stephen Nolan on his  BBC Radio Ulster show, wearing my UK’s Etiquette Expert hat

Stephen Nolan

STEPHEN: There’s a row in England over a threat to impose on-the-spot fines for swearing in the street.

has brought in a Public Space Protection Order to tackle anti-social behaviour in an upmarket area.

The pressure group Liberty has criticised the order as vague and a threat to freedom of expression.

But here’s the question – would you welcome a crackdown on public swearing in your area?

LIZ as portrayed in Ladette to Lady.jpg

Liz Brewer Uk’s Etiquette Expert teaching the Ladette to Lady pupils how to avoid swearing.   However ‘Golly Gosh’ didn’t exactly hit the mark!