Liz’s DIARY:Ian Wisniewski

Spending an evening with dashing, Polish Author, Ian Wisniewski, never fails to be an adventure!  As one of the countries foremost spirit experts. (his books include: Classic Malt Whisky, Vodka, Classic Tequila,  Malt Whisky and Party Cocktails) ….Cocktails always feature.  Ian, however,  DOESN’T DRINK!

We commenced celebrating ‘International Women’s Day’  at a Vodka & Cointreau Cocktail party  in St James, joining STURIA‘s Caroline Bouvier  in tasting her collection of Caviar from Aquitaine including Classic, Primeur & Vintage Caviar

UNIT LONDON were exhibiting some of their international, cutting-edge contemporary art featuring artists such as Marco Grassi, Mark Demsteader, Cecile Plaisance and David Kassan.    We particularly admired  two works of Mark Demsteader .


Author Ian Wisnieski & Liz Brewer

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 21.49.52.jpgP1270056.jpgP1270063.jpg





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