Liz’s DIARY: BBC RADIO ULSTER-Stephen Nolan Show

A boisterous 30 mins this morning again, with Stephen Nolan on his  BBC Radio Ulster show, wearing my UK’s Etiquette Expert hat

Stephen Nolan

STEPHEN: There’s a row in England over a threat to impose on-the-spot fines for swearing in the street.

has brought in a Public Space Protection Order to tackle anti-social behaviour in an upmarket area.

The pressure group Liberty has criticised the order as vague and a threat to freedom of expression.

But here’s the question – would you welcome a crackdown on public swearing in your area?

LIZ as portrayed in Ladette to Lady.jpg

Liz Brewer Uk’s Etiquette Expert teaching the Ladette to Lady pupils how to avoid swearing.   However ‘Golly Gosh’ didn’t exactly hit the mark!



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