Liz’s DIARY:Power lunch….

POWER LUNCH:  Discussing the Life After Breast Cancer Fund Charity, Founder, Liz Brewer with CEO & Founder of the Organic Pharmacy Margo Marrone, President ot CEW & Chairman of Neville McCarthy Ass.Caroline Neville and CEO of RAFT,  Leonor Stjepic  at the Ivy Kensington.P1270339.jpg

Liz’s DIARY:IVANKA gives birth to baby boy Easter Sunday


Ivanka daughter of Ivana Trump and the eldest of Donald Trump’s five children.

Gave birth to Theodore James, her third child with her husband Jared Kushner.

Easter Sunday 27th March 2016.

In the midst of  Storm Katy ,Sunday night, as I watched the tiles flying off my host, Dickie Thirlby’s roof, on the Beaulieu Estate, overlooking the Solent, I received a phone call from an excited Ivana Trump announcing her daughter 3rd baby, Theodore James  Kushner.


Ivanka and her 3rd baby Theodore Kushner
Glam Mama Ivana Trump with her Grandson Theodore


Liz’s DIARY: Ed Dubois sadly passed away 24th March.


A sad cloud has hung over the Solent as news spread, that after having battled for some time with cancer, Ed Dubois sadly passed away,Thursday 24th March

A respectful one minute silence was held before drinks at the Bucklers Hard Maritime Museum yesterday.

Dubois Naval Architects made an announcement re the death of Ed Dupois, leading yacht & vessel designer and one of the best known & respected, in theIndustry, who I had the pleasure of first meeting in the early 80’s through one of UK’s foremost yachtsmen, Dickie Thirlby.P1270296.jpgP1270297.jpg

Liz’s DAIRY: Capital Hotel hosts ‘Life After Breast Cancer Fund’working lunch of several of the charities Dynamic Ambassadors

Leonor Stjepic, CEO of Restoration of Appearance & Function Trust‘s ‘Life After Breast Cancer Fund’ (LABCF) & Liz Brewer Founder & Co-Chair of LABCF enjoy a working lunch with several of their Dynamic Ambassadors.   The event was kindly hosted by The Capital Hotel, Knightsbridge in their Eaton Suite with the menu created by their Michelin Star Restaurant OutlawsScreen Shot 2016-03-24 at 23.10.55.png

10 of Life After Breast Cancer Fund’s Dynamic Ambassadors, including Antonia Jamison, Margo Marrone, Mahsa Nejati, Aliza Reger, Sally woodward, Leonor Stjepic CEO of RAFT, Natasha Hemmings, the current Miss England, Lyn Schlessinger, Deida Acero, Izabella Kaye, & Leny Green




Liz’s DIARY: Prince Harry on Good Morning America – good interview

Proving that … GROWING UP IS A LEARNING EXPERIENCE.  The interview with Prince Harry on Good Morning America  in a documentary celebrating the year of his Grandmother,  Her Majesty The Queen’s 90th Birthday, shows that his valuable support for our disabled & wounded army veterans & his Mother’s legacy concerning HIV is admirable and gives a great example to our younger generation ….   It was an honour to link to one such charity he supported which helped retrain wounded soldiers.

Liz Brewer


Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 10.01.32 (1).jpg
Prince Harry being interviewed for Good Morning America



Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 10.03.09 (2).jpg
Prince Harry with his Mother the late, Princess Diana

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 10.02.05 (2).jpg


Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 10.19.49.png



H.M.The Queen of England will celebrate her 90th Birthday in 2016





Liz’s DIARY:A perfect day in Verbier

Late breakfast and long lazy lunch at the private Club Chalet Blanc, Verbier.  Meeting up with my long time friend Bjorn Knudsen.   Annual drinks party hosted by Angela Scott and her husband Simon Carnachan.

Good Morning Verbier!  Liz Brewer & Christiane de Muller
Pre lunch drinks with long time friend Bjorn Knudsen


Robin Pearse Wheatley, Christiane de Muller, Liz Brewer, Sir Timothy Cassel & Suzanne Ott at Simon & Angela Scott Carnachan’s annual Drinks Party in Verbier 


Angela Scott Carnachan & Guests at her annual Verbier Cocktail
Simon Carnachan & Angela Scott Carnachan


Liz’s DIARY:Christiane de Muller, Verbier

When your Plane is yet again delayed for no apparent reason and you know you’ll land late and miss your connection on arrival at Geneva so wonderful to be greeted by the charming chauffeur Kate of a newish company, SKIFLEET  who then proceeded to give me a welcome cappuccino and managed to drive me to my charming hostess’s chalet in Verbier in record time, not to be late for a special annual Raclette Dinner with Portugal’s former Minister of Tourism Jose Manuel Almeida Reis and his charming wife Claudine Bergman