Liz Brewer’s Media Blog: ITV’s Good Morning Britain

Hoping to do Good Morning Britain, 08.10am approx tomorrow, Friday 23rd March. Divorce laws – Is it time they were updated??  Daily Mail:  Re this article: 




Liz Brewer’s Media Blog:BBC Radio Derby mid morning show

Discussing at 11.15am today, with Jessica Hunt the vile behaviour of Jamie Carragher spitting incident!

No excuses!!   What hope have we in today’s world if those in the public eye don’t set  a good example of behaviour!  To hear the clip tap here

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Liz Brewer’s Media Blog:BBC Radio Derby mid-morning show

In conversation with Sally Pepper on BBC Radio Derby’s Mid morning tomorrow, around 12.30pm.   It appears some still need to know the whys and wisdom of giving on St Valentine’s Day…. I grew up at a time when Valentine cards were a delightful mystery.   At least had postmarks which helped!   I’m still curious as to who sent me the first class ticket to Rome in the ’90’s.    Hopefully they didn’t wait and I was forgiven as I was a wee bit busy at that time!!!nintchdbpict000000655476.jpg

Liz Brewer’s MEDIA BLOG: SKY NEWS today.


Back today on SKY NEWS, around 1.30pm to discuss holiday-makers dashing at dawn for sunbeds!   Some sensible company’s now offering a pre-booking facility!     £25 for the holiday sounds reasonable. My opposer will no doubt preach it’s yet another mercenary money spinner.   However most decent Beach clubs’ charge anything from €10 a day so I’d reckon its cheap at the price.     Will sadly delete the visual sport of watching all those eager sunworshippers scampering like piglets to throw their towels!!!

Not a soul in site. Photo taken some time ago at Niki Beach Club,  Ibiza pre one of Terence & Niki Coles’ party!